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I am a Mexican artist based in Queens, NY who draws from my experiences living both in Mexico City and the East Coast for inspiration.


A little bit about my style - above all, it is best described as deeply infused with color, and one that celebrates the natural world. Mexican culture, from the markets to the pottery, textiles, traditions, and people, is one bursting with color and warmth. My paintings are rooted in this heritage: everything I put on canvas is vibrant, reminiscent of Mexico’s happy spirit and closeness with nature.

I am interested in capturing the diversity, colors, and essence of nature, experimenting to recreate its limitless textures and shades. I'm also a traveler, and love to learn about other countries and cultures to draw inspiration from these experiences into my art.


By sharing my art with others, I hope to inspire a deeper appreciation for the world around us and an awareness of our place within it.

explore my art below

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