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I am a Mexican artist based in Queens, NY who draws from my experiences living and traveling around the world for inspiration. My style is deeply infused with color and celebrates the natural world. Mexican culture is bursting with color and warmth; Mexico also has a powerful biocultural legacy and spiritual traditions that honor its natural landscapes. My paintings are rooted in this heritage: everything I put on canvas is vibrant, reminiscent of Mexico’s happy spirit and closeness with nature. 

Through vibrant color and expressive brushwork, I work to recreate the essence of nature itself and the emotions it evokes, inviting viewers to experience its beauty and power firsthand. I am also a traveler, and continuously draw inspiration from cultures and peoples around the world into my art.

By sharing my art with others, I hope to inspire a profound appreciation for the world around us and a deeper awareness of our place within it.

explore my art below

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