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60 x 48 inches

Oil & acrylic on canvas


"Sadashiva" (2023) is inspired by my experience at the sacred Elephanta Caves in Gharapuri, off the coast of Mumbai in the Arabian Sea, during my first visit to the beautiful country of India in February 2023. These caves are a collection of temples predominantly dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, the divine cosmic dancer, who appears as the largest figure in this painting against a majestic backdrop of the Himalayan mountains.  This juxtaposition symbolizes both the contrast and closeness of the divine and the earthly, the eternal and the transient. The stone carvings of Shiva in the Elephanta Caves portray him in his tri-faced representation to embody the perpetual cycle of creation, preservation, and destruction.


Through this painting, I capture one of the many awe-inspiring moments of reverence that arises in the presence of God. The solidity and majesty of the mountains, with a backlit sky of golden light, remind us of the power of nature as a pathway to experience the divine.


Signed and dated in the back. Includes certificate of authenticity.

"Sadashiva" (2023) - 60 x 48'' Original Painting


    60 x 48 inches

    Oil & acrylic on canvas



    Claudia works hard to have clear and accurate photos, but color nuances cannot be captured perfectly by digital media and vary from screen to screen. If you just aren't sure about the painting or its colors, she will be happy to send more photos with close ups. Please be sure you love the painting before you purchase it. Paintings are not sold 'upon approval'. This means Claudia cannot accept a return if it doesn't match or you change your mind.

    If a painting is damaged during shipping, Claudia can work out a return and refund with you.


    Ships within 3 weeks in the U.S. 

    For international shipping inquiries, contact 
    Additional shipping charges will be invoiced after purchase, and depending on painting size and collector location, will be $250-$500 USD. Purchasers are also responsible for all additional customs/fees upon receipt of painting.

    To pick up your painting in person in the New York City area, please email after your purchase to set up a time and avoid shipping fees.


    Copyright: As is true with all art under U.S. law, the artist retains reproduction rights and copyright of her created pieces unless she has expressly given her written and signed consent.

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